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Sewer & Water

If an emergency arises after hours or on weekends please contact the on-duty utility officer at 204-461-3399

The LUD of Warren is serviced by a low-pressure sewer system and a water treatment facility with reservoir. New developments will be assessed the following fees:

  • Current Municipality Cost for Water Meter
  • $150 Permit Fee
  • $400 Sewer and Water Connection Fee
  • $1200 Infrastructure Fee (for hookup on Collegiate Drive where municipality funded the original construction of service lines on public right-of-way)
  • $6.89/Foot Frontage Fee (for new connections on Collegiate Drive)
  • Service Charges for the Warren Sewer = $352.60 (collected by quarterly billings of $88.15)
  • Service Charges for the Warren Sewer and Water = $65.35 (based on a minimum usage of 15 m3 ($3.70 for each additional cubic meter m3)