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Composting requires little effort considering the many benefits it provides for the environment, your lawn, gardens and houseplants! Compost enriches soil by conditioning it to foster healthy plant growth. It helps soil retain oxygen, nutrients and natural antibiotics to help plants resist disease. Compost also helps soil retain water, which reduces the frequency one needs to water. By amending soil with all-natural compost, homeowners can enjoy fertilizer-free and chemical-free lawns and gardens.


Backyard composting combined with recycling reduces garbage collected, transported, processed and sent to landfills by 85%. So, composting doesn’t just help save the planet, it helps save your tax dollars too!

In partnership with the West Interlake Watershed Conservation District, residents of the RM of Woodlands can purchase composters and rain barrels as a subsidized cost from the main office in Lundar. 

Currently there are only the tumbler composters available (pictured left), and they are $50. In the past they did have the bin composters, however for 2017 they are not available. Rain barrels (pictured right) are $50.

Please call (204) 762-5850, or email to purchase any of these three products! Happy composting!