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The Rural Municipality (RM) of Woodlands will work to identify and remove barriers in our communities to ensure accessibility and inclusiveness for all citizens and visitors.  We are committed to providing spaces that can be used with independence and comfort.

The preparation of an Accessibility Plan (which is currently under development), for the RM of Woodlands is a requirement under the provisions of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA).  This legislation was passed on December 5, 2013 to provide a clear, proactive process to identify, prevent and remove barriers to accessibility.  All public sector government agencies must develop an Accessibility Plan to address accessibility barriers in policies, practices and procedures.  The goal is to ensure Manitobans of all abilities have full access to programs and services designed to meet the public's needs.

Deadlines for Accessibility Plans - Plans to be Updated Every Two Years

November 2016:  Manitoba government and all its departments, universities and colleges, school divisions, Crown corporations, regional health authorities and municipalities with poplulations over 10,000

November 2017:  all other public sector bodies, including smaller municipalities, any board, commission, association, agency or similar body whose management, directors or governing members are appointed by an act of the Legislature or by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. 

Private (businesses, etc.) and non-profit organizations will be required to comply with the 'Customer Service Standard' requirements by November 1, 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Customer Service Standard is the first of 5 standards, and is the only one that has been completed.  The remaining 4 standards are still being developed, and the Minister has identified the 'Employment Standard' as the next area of development.  The purpose of the Employment Standard will be to break down employment barriers to assist more persons with disabilities to secure and maintain employment.  This will be done by introducing measures, policies, and practices to identify, prevent and remove barriers in the area of employment.  By setting out specific requirements for employers to provide accessibility during the different stages of employment, the aim is to help organizations create more accessible workspaces and to enhance employment opportunities for people disabled by barriers.

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