Goals and Objectives

In order to achieve this mission, the following goals and objectives:

Goal A

To Improve Community Engagement and Pride Objectives

  • To increase youth involvement
  • To celebrate volunteers
  • To improve coordination of community events
  • To lead volunteer retention strategies

Goal B

To Foster Business Development Objectives

  • To support continued land use planning
  • To engage and support developers efforts to open up development ready land and market it
  • To research various housing options
  • To promote business/light industrial park development
  • To lobby for and support the development of business and residential incentive programs
  • To develop and implement a community marketing strategy
  • To conduct opportunity analysis of emerging ideas

Goal C

To Enhance Tourism Industry Development Objectives

  • To support continued tourism product development
  • To enhance tourism promotion (internally and externally)

Goal D

To Enhance Community Services Objectives

  • To pursue the establishment of financial services
  • To coordinate development of daycare services
  • To identify and demonstrate the need for medical services
  • To lobby for the development of medical services
  • To support the establishment of library services